Building tools: do you own them all?

We all have a few tools lying around the home. Whether its for a small building project or to fix something broken, we all need tools handy. We’ve compiled a list of 5 building tools that you will use in the immediate future. Below you can see a picture of each building tool with a description of its daily role.

1. Screwdriver

screwdriver building tools

You don’t need to be an expert builder to use this building tool. It’s great for installing/removing screws. Please note that screwdrivers have different heads. Therefore we recommend keeping a screwdriver set in your home. A screwdriver set has numerous screwdrivers with different heads.

2. Hammer

hammer building tools
This tool speaks for itself – it’s a hammer! The most common building tool associated with builders. Yes we know – when someone mentions builders, the first thing you think of is a hammer.

3. Pliers

pliers building tools
This tool is useful when wires need to be deformed in any way.

4. Wrench

wrench building tools
This building tool lets you apply a greater moment about a pivot. Therefore making opening bolts quite effortless.

5. Tape measure

tape measure building tools
The clue is in its name. It’s a tape used for measuring. Most tape measures can read in Centimetres (cm) and Inches (inch).

Does your house have all the building tools we mentioned?

Let us know if you own any of the tools mentioned above, in the comment section below. We would love to know which tools you use the most.

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